Ultima Wave

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Owner: Sora → Hogosha
Price: Unknown
Japanese Title: Ultima Nami
Debut: N/A
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Twisted Hydra Forsaken Blade

Ultima Wave is the first Keyblade that Hogosha acquires from Sora after he became a Keyblade Apprentice to Sora.


The Ultima Wave takes on a design similar to the Ultima Weapon and the Omega Weapon. It has a silver and dark blue colored wave designed guard, it has a blade-like upper half, a silver colored wave-like teeth, and has a silver heart token for its keychain that has a silver chain connected to it and the keyblade.


As Hogosha's first Keyblade, it is designed to be virtually balanced for both offense and defense.


The key chain used to belong to Sora, but he passed it down to Hogosha when he was unable to change it into a Keyblade himself.


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