Slash Killamara

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Age 25
Gender Male
Species ½ Human ½ Cetra
Blood type O
Birthdate Unknown
Height 7'0"
Weight 200 lbs.
World of Origin Radiant Garden
Occupation Swordsman
Alignment Light
Family Ifalna (Mother)
Aerith Gainsborough (Half-sister)
Aqua (Girlfriend)
Weapon Silver Wing
Bowie Knife

Slash Killamara is the son of Ifalna and older half-brother of Aerith Gainsborough. This is the counterpart of Slash that appears in Legend of the Silver Devil.



Slash is a tall muscluar man that wears a black coat, white shirt, black pants, black boots and black fingerless gloves. He has long silver hair and green eyes. He carries his bowie knife on his side at all times.



Slash seems to a amazing swordsman and has the ability to use any sword-like weapon with ease.


Spells Learned from
Zantetsuken Through training
Blade Flurry Through training
Ultima Impetu Through training
Exclusive Techniques
Spells Learned from Appears in
Kaiten Getsuken Unknown Slash Killamara meets Kamen Rider RiderB0y
Destructive Wave Unknown Slash Killamara meets Melrode D. Naki

Superhuman Strength

Slash has the ability to lift a greatsword of great weight with ease.

Superhuman Reflexes

Slash has the ability to move extremely fast that makes it seem he is teleporting.


Techniques Learned from
Shadowstep Technique Through training


Slash seems to be skilled with magic as he can easily use several elemental magic spells.


Spells Learned from
Divine Spear Through training
Gravija Through training
Twister Through training
Ruinga Through training
Barrier Through training
Ultima Through training
Flare Through training
Thundaga Through training
Exa Flare Training with Bugenhagen
Void Through training
Triple Firaga Through training
Flare Storm Through training
Thundaga Impulse Through training
Exclusive Spells
Spells Learned from Appears in
Aeroga Unknown Dimensional Threat: United Forces
Firaga Burst Unknown Slash Killamara meets Kamen Rider RiderB0y
Thundaga Shot Unknown Encounter Series


Weapons Status
Ultima Blade Destroyed
Bowie Knife Still being used
Silver Wing Still being used


Vampire Form

While visiting Halloween Town, Slash's form changes to a more vampire-like appearance where he gains red cat-like eyes and longer canine teeth. His clothes become more torned and old looking. His fingernails also become more longer and pointed.

Major Battles

New Austin

  • Slash & Aqua Vs. Ursa = Won
  • Slash Vs. Vanitas = Won
  • Slash, Aqua, & Vincent Vs. Metamorphosis = Won

Castle Cornelia

  • Slash, Aqua, Ventus, and Residents of Castle Cornelia Vs. Unversed = Won
  • Slash Vs. Madara Uchiha = Foe Escaped

Ecto City

  • Slash Vs. Skull Phantom = Won
  • Slash Vs. Gozer (Female Form) = Lost


  • Artwork of Slash done by Maximumpulse from DA
  • Artwork of Slash done by Mattwilson83 from DA
  • Artwork of Slash and Aqua kissing done by Zigwolf from DA
  • Artwork of Slash's form in The Grid done by Zigwolf from DA
  • Artwork of Slash's form in Feudal Land done by Zigwolf from DA
  • Artwork of Slash done by Zigwolf from DA
  • This is a remixed version of Slasher Chaos' first OC Slash Killamara to be a Kingdom Hearts OC.
    • Slash was originally half saiyan and half cetra, but he was changed to be half human.
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