Shocking Victory

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Author Slasher Chaos
Date Published November 1, 2009
Fiction Rated M
Language English
Genre Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Chapters 1
Status Completed

Shocking Victory is a one shot story made by Slasher Chaos about what if Larxene defeated Sora, Donald and Goofy in Castle Oblivion.

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Canon CharactersEdit

Canon Kingdom Hearts CharactersEdit

Canon Disney CharactersEdit


Major FightsEdit

  • Larxene vs. Sora, Donald, & Goofy

Canon Character Original/Fan-Made MovesEdit


  • Tri-Point Thundaga: Larxene throws all of her kunais out at her to pierce into the ground surrounding the foes with electrical energy surging from her fingertips and suddenly make lightning bolts surge from the kunais at the foes. She used this move to kill Goofy.
  • Kiss of Death: Larxene kisses the foe on the lips to channel electrical energy into the foe's body and electrocute the foe to death. She used this move to kill Sora.


# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 What If Larxene defeated Sora? Larxene fights against Sora, Donald and Goofy which she ends up defeating all of them. Sora is killed by Larxene when she electrocuted him through a kiss. The chapter ends with Larxene at the beach of Twilight Town.

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