Age 17
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
World of Origin Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Alignment Darkness
Family Unknown

Ryuga is a mysterious boy that lives in Radiant Garden. He only appeared in the non-canon bonus chapters of the Legend of the Silver Devil.


Encounter with SlashEdit

During Bonus Chapter 1, Ryuga encountered and challenged Slash Killamara to a fight so that he can test his beyblade L-Drago's strength and power. It resulted in his beyblade being destroyed by Slash's Ultima spell.


Ryuga has tanish-peach skin with golden dragon headwear. He has white hair with a red streak at the fringe and he wears his coat as a cape. His eyes are normally ruthless and merciless and he usually has an evil sneer on his face. His launcher colour is white. He wears a black shirt with a yellow trim and black pants with brown boots.


Darkness ManipulationEdit

Ryuga was able to use the element of darkness through his beyblade L-Drago, which he was able to summon a three headed dragon made up of darkness to destroy his foes.

Expert Beyblade PlayerEdit

Ryuga is skilled in the game of Beyblade and remained undefeated in the game. He is able to break solid stone with his beyblade L-Drago.

  • Dragon Emperor: Soaring Bite Strike: It is referred to as a "Dark Spin Move". Ryuga hands glow with two purple energy balls and he slams them together. Then, a beam is shot up to space and the dragons form a circle pattern and slam on the opponent.



Ryuga's trademark beyblade that is known as the Forbidden Beyblade. It was destroyed by Slash's Ultima. Its Bey Spirit takes on the form of a three headed dragon made up of darkness.


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