Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Species Unknown
Blood type None
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
World of Origin Black Citadel
Occupation Monster
Alignment Darkness
Family None

Ruin is a golem-like monster that is made out of the crumbling remnants of a castle that have been reanimated and taking the shape of a monster with a large right arm. The first one was encountered by Larxene in Organization Mission: XII.


Organization Mission: XIIEdit

A Ruin appeared in the world of Black Citadel when Larxene decided to explore the ancient world. It seems the Ruin was created there for some unknown reason to protect something hidden away in that world.


Ruin is composed of the many broken segments taken from a fortress of some kind, notably towers, pillars, and walls. These pieces are crudely held together, some staying aloft from the body, to take the shape of a bulky upper-body with a head and a right arm. A left arm appears to be present but is incomplete.


Superhuman StrengthEdit

Ruin seems to have superhuman class strength as it was easily able to knock Larxene away.


It seems that Ruin has limited telekinesis over the debris that makes up its body since it was able to break down its right arm into chunks of debris and launch them at its foe then reform them into a arm.



  • Ruin is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. It first appeared in Dragon Quest 8.