Rise of the Valkyrie

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Author Slasher Chaos
Date Published November 10, 2009
Fiction Rated T
Language English
Genre Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Chapters 1
Status Completed

Rise of the Valkyrie is a story that stars Mai Kagurazakai.

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Canon CharactersEdit

Norse Mythology CharactersEdit

Original/Fan-Made CharactersEdit

Fan-Made CharactersEdit


Major FightsEdit

  • Mai Kagurazakai vs. Loki


# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 The Spear of Odin, Gungnir Odin sends his spear Gungnir down to Counter Earth to find a new valkryie that ends up with Mai becoming the new valkyrie. She finds out Loki is the one that is summoning the heartless to Counter Earth.

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