Length 108 meters
Width 77 meters
Height 54 meters (at rest)
65 meters (when flying)
Top Speed 11.8 km/s
Weapons 609mm Charged Particle Cannon (x1)
152mm Multi-barreled Laser (x2)
Retractable mandible 'claws' (x2)

Ragnarok is the personal ship of Slash Killamara.




The cockpit is the airship's control center and is located directly above the passenger room. It contains four crew positions; the pilot, co-pilot, comms station and the navigation systems. It is accessed via a lift from the passenger room.

Passenger RoomEdit

Accessed from the top deck directly below the control cabin, the passenger room can seat eight people and features a transparent canopy.


The main elevator of the airship that is used to get to the cockpit.

Airlock ChamberEdit

An access portal through the 'roof' of the vehicle for space travel. It is presumably accessed through a decompression chamber.


The aisle spans the top deck leading between the lift to the control cabin, over the hangar, and into the airlock chamber.


The hangar is the largest room shown in the Ragnarok. It houses a platform fixed into the floor that may be lowered for the cargo to be boarded. The top deck aisle travels over the hangar deck to the airlock chamber near the rear of the ship.

Storage RoomEdit

The bottom level of the hangar leaves to a huge storage room where Slash keeps any big objects. It also serves as the room where he stores any treasures that he collects on his adventures.

Hanger Upper LevelEdit

The upper level of the hangar leads to the airlock chamber and the door to the passenger room is initially closed from this side.

Lower LevelEdit

The big door at the bottom of the hangar leads to this small hallway.

Boarding RampEdit

The boarding ramp is the main accessway for the ship's crew onto the vessel.


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