New Austin

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Type of World Light
Government Various depending on location
Ruler Unknown
Location Realm of Light
Terrain Terraformed with large land masses, deserts, and various cities and towns littering the continents
Season Summer

New Austin is a world based off of the 2010 western game Red Dead Redemption. Its a huge territory that is characterized as a largely rugged and arid wilderness in the process of colonization. As such, there is an expected presence of wild animals and outlaws.


Notable InhabitantsEdit


There is not a lot known about this world other than that it have been recently being explored by people and it still remains mostly unexplored.

Slash and Aqua arrived there on the Ragnarok where they landed in Redemption Mountains and traveled all the way to Armadillo. Through their travels there, both of them fought and defeated a group of Unversed including a bear-like one called a Ursa.

Later both of them was taken to Tumbleweed by Leigh where they found Vanitas that resulted in Slash fighting against him. The last location that Slash and Aqua visited was the Darkslate Mansion where they teamed up with Vincent Valentine and fought against the Metamorphosis.

After that, both of Slash and Aqua left on the Ragnarok.


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