Mai Kagurazakai

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Age 16
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate August 8
Height 5'9"
Weight 78 lbs.
World of Origin Counter Earth
Occupation High School Student
Alignment Light
Family Unknown
Weapon Gungnir

Mai Kagurazakai is a girl from the world of Counter Earth that was chosen to be the new Valkyrie by the norse god Odin to take out the Heartless that are invading Asgard from her world. She is the main character of the Rise of the Valkyrie.


Becoming a ValkyrieEdit

One day that seemed to be normal, Mai encountered the Gungnir arriving into her world and became a Valkyrie after grabbing ahold of it. She took up the job of taking out the Heartless and found out that Loki, one of Odin's sons is the one behind the Heartless appearing in Counter Earth.


Mai normally wears a sailor style high school girl uniform. As a Valkyrie, she wears a revealing red and white armor that has a thong, white high heel boots and red armguards. She has long brown hair, green eyes and D cup breasts.



Mai wields the legendary spear known as the Gungnir that was given to her by Odin. It is made out of a powerful metal made by the norse gods that makes it extremely hard to break.



Mai has a embarassing relationship with the norse god Loki who loves to embarass her about her looks and big breasts. It seems to be a love and hate relationship since Loki is her foe and the one summoning the heartless to her world.



During her childhood, Mai's parents made her pratice in the way of Sōjutsu (japanese style of spear fighting), which she shown to be very skilled in.

Magic Valkyrie ArmorEdit

Mai's Valkyrie Armor shown to be magical and have special abilities that so far shown that she can control the ribbons on her waist like they was extra pair of arms.

Athlete ReflexesEdit

Mai has reflexes at a athlete class as she is able to easily dodge incoming attacks from some foes. She is able to run fast as a Olympic Athlete, which she proved when she out ran a car.

Major FightsEdit

  • Mai Kagurazakai vs. Loki


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