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Age 3
Gender Male
Species Dog
Breed Husky
Birthdate Unknown
World of Origin Twilight Town
Occupation Pet
Alignment Light
Family Hogosha (Master)

Magna is the pet dog belonging to Hogosha. He is the traveling companion of his master, Hogosha.

History Edit

Some time in the past, Magna was found by Hogosha when he was puppy and was taken in by Hogosha. Since that day, he stayed by Hogosha's side and became very loyal to him.

Abilities Edit

Magna is naturally fast with his animal abilities. He was trained to smell out Heartless and Nobodies to aid Hogosha in combat.

Techniques Edit

  • Ōkami Giri (Wolf Slash): Magna will dash at his foes and slash at them with his double bladed ninjatō in a series of slashing blows.

Weapons Edit

Destructive Moon Edit

Destructive Moon is a double bladed ninjatō that Magna was trained to use. Now he is adept at using it and can easily defeat a group of Heartless and Nobodies alone with this weapon.


  • Magna is based off of Repede from Tales of Vesperia.
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