Kusanagi Sword
Owner: Slash Killamara
Price: Unknown
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: Unknown
Sword Chronology
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Garuru KB Unknown

Kusanagi Sword is a longsword used by Slash Killamara during the Ritual of the Keybearer.


The design of the sword takes on a longsword made out of pure gold that has a hook-like part near the tip. It has a simple looking hand guard.



Similar to the Dream Sword and the other dream weapons, the Kusanagi Sword is a mysterious weapon that only exists in Slash's heart. It manifested for Slash when he fought against the darkness within his heart while he was trying to repair his heart during the Ritual of the Keybearer.

It vanished after the darkness was defeated and was replaced by Slash's new keyblade, the Silver Wing.


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