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Kingdom Hearts Fanfic Wiki Page Rules Edit

Before you begin, please be aware of the rules of this wiki.

  • No vandalism! Do not post nonsense in other people's articles.
  • No creating blank articles. You are allowed to begin an article and finish it later, but we expect at least some substantial information to start it off.
  • If you need to write an article for a canon character who is different in your story, put part of the story's name in parenthesis to differentiate it from any other articles about the canon character. For example, if Sora appeared in your story "Chronicles" and he was very different from his canon self, you would make an article for him and title it "Sora (Chronicles)".
  • Articles must be properly categorized. If you are unsure of what categories to use, please see Special:Categories.
  • Please try and comment on other people's articles. It helps encourage them or advise them on what they did wrong.
  • Please do not talk about your religion, political views, or sexuality. This will only cause fights.
  • Please do not link to or talk about inappropriate websites. This site must maintain a rating of PG-16.

Current News Edit

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  • This Wiki is still new, so we're still creating articles. Please post articles, but do not spam it.
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  • Slasher Chaos created this Wiki with help from others.
  • Be sure to visit the Kingdom Hearts Wiki for all your canon Kingdom Hearts needs.
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