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Age 18
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate August 5th
Height 6'8"
Weight 135 lbs.
World of Origin Land of Departure
Occupation Keyblade Apprentice
Family Unknown
Keyblade Ultima Wave

Hogosha is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Millennium Curse. He is one of the three Keyblade Apprentices being trained by a now adult Sora.

History Edit

Past Edit

Most of Hogosha's past is unknown, at a young age, Hogosha was found by the couple of Sora and Kairi in the Realm of Darkness who adopted him as their son. Through the years, he was trained to become a Keyblade Apprentice with Keira and Drake.

During that time, Hogosha found a husky puppy in the world of Twilight Town and taken it in as a pet who he named Magna.

Mark of Mastery Edit

After Hogosha became 18 years old, he took the Mark of Mastery exam along with Drake. After a intense battle, Hogosha was defeated by Drake.

Abilities Edit

From being trained to use a keyblade, Hogosha shown that he can be adept at using a keyblade in combat and the element of light. He shows a little skill with using magic. After he started to date Renka Ma, he begun to be trained to use Chinese Kenpo by Renka and her father Kensei Ma.

Kenjutsu Techniques Edit

These are techniques that he uses with his keyblade. Most of his techniques have to do with creating light energy.

  • Hametsuken (Ruin Sword): Hogosha performs a fast moving combo of slashing blows with his keyblade until he performs the finishing blow of a stabbing blow into the ground with the keyblade to create a shockwave of light energy to knock any nearby foes away.
  • Sekijitsu (Burning Sun): A power up technique where Hogosha engulfs the blade of his keyblade in light energy where it appears to be a surging blade of light energy. Hogosha uses this technique to increase the damage that he can perform in his attacks with his keyblade.
  • Shinto Kourenzan (Heart and Blade become One): A secret technique that was teached to Hogosha by Shigure Kosaka. It allows Hogosha bond with his keyblade and become a white wraith like silhouette and perform a powerful attack that is capable of destroying armor with ease.

Magic Edit

Through he only shows a little skill at performing magic, he is still able to do spells.

  • Fira: A level 2 fire elemental spell that Hogosha can perform. He launches a fireball from the tip of his keyblade at his foes.

Weapons Edit

Keyblades Edit

Ultima Wave Edit

Ultima Wave is a unique keyblade that was given to Hogosha by Sora after he became a Keyblade Apprentice. It seems to be a very balanced weapon for Hogosha.

Major Battles Edit

  • Hogosha Vs. Drake = Lost
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