Owner: OdinMai Kagurazakai
Price: Unknown
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: Rise of the Valkyrie
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Gungnir is a legendary spear that once belonged to the norse god Odin who gave it to Mai Kagurazakai to turn her into the new Valkyrie.


The Gungnir is long spear made up of unknown black and gold metal with a long blade similar to a Naginata but has a flame design to its blade.


The Gungnir is made out of a mystical metal that makes it immune to breaking and melting.


A legendary spear that once belonged to Odin, the father god of all Norse Gods and he gave it to Mai Kagurazakai in order for her to become the new Valkyrie to fight against the Heartless and save Asgard.


  • This spear is based off of the spear of the same name from Norse Mythology that belongs to Odin.

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