Forgotten Capital

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Type of World Light
Government Unknown
Ruler Unknown
Location Realm of Light
Terrain Ancient city filled with seashell-like buildings and huge lakes. Filled with huge white trees and gigantic green mushrooms.
Season Winter
Ally Cloud Strife

Forgotten Capital is a world based off of 1997 game Final Fantasy VII. This is the world that Cloud was transported to after his fight with Sephiroth in Radiant Garden and also where the real Sephiroth appears along with Jenova.


  • Abandoned City: The city that the Cetra once lived in which is completely abandoned now. This city is now infested with Heartless.
  • Cetra Castle: A underground castle that belongs to the Cetra that is made up of medieval-style towers that is connected to the surface with a staircase made of light.

Notable InhabitantsEdit


The home world of the Cetra (Aerith's race) that were completely wiped out by Jenova. Cloud have tracked down the real Sephiroth to this world and plans to end their rivalry.


  • This world is based off of the city with the same name from Final Fantasy VII.

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