Deadpool 007
Former Self Wade Wilson
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Dusk
Blood type none
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'0
Weight Weightless
World of Origin Hollow Bastion
Occupation Former Assassin and Bounty Hunter
Type Common
Rank 0
Title Merc with a Mouth
Weapon Guns and Swords
Attribute Unknown
Family Unknown/possibly all deceased

Duskpool is the Nobody of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool.


Once called Wade Wilson or Deadpool, Duskpool was created after the darkness in Wade's attracted the heartless bringing him out into the World that Never was. Though not a full Organization member he likes to think he is and annoy Demyx and Larxene to the point where they attempt to kill him.

True to his nature he has a twisted sense of humor seeing violence as comedy and going so far as to endanger his own comrades just for cheap laugh, much to their dismay. Always talking and always unpredictable, he may be useful to the Organization yet.


Duskpool's look resembles his former self greatly,mainly in the mask area. But, his color scheme is changed, going from the classic red and black to the dusks colors of grey and black. This is appropriate since he is of course, just a nobody.

Though, not a real Organization member he wears a black coat in the vain of a member yet with his own personal signature etched onto the back. He says it gives him personality.


Sniper and Stealth MasterEdit

He has shown to be a master of sniping and trick shots depending on trickery and sneaking movements to catch his opponents off guard. Counted as a full fledged ninja, he also relies hiding in the shadows and getting the upper hand by attacking when he isnt seen.


If his guns dont do the trick he'll fall back on his swords at which he is a master of, yet he mostly depends on slashing wildly with his swords in unpredictable manners and using two at a time. Ironicly, these have shown to be quite useful, mainly because its so fast and during this he also likes to kick hoping to get a cheap shot in. This works especially well against characters like Wolverine and Riku.


True to his nature, Duskpool carries around with him various weapons modeled after his Somebody version. Swords, guns and bombs are all in his arsenal of weapons.


  • Duskpool's appearance is a reference to Ultimate Deadpool yet his personality is more based on Classic Deadpool.
  • The nicknames he gives Demyx and Domino "Bob" and "Domino" are refrences to two characters in his comics.
  • Duskpool makes a refrence to Deadpool and Hollow Bastion obviously showing that unlike most nobodies he remembers his former self


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