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Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type AB
Birthdate December 27th
Height 6'9"
Weight 140 lbs.
World of Origin Unknown
Occupation Keyblade Apprentice
Family Unknown
Keyblade Forsaken Blade

Drake is one of the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Millennium Curse. He is one of the three Keyblade Apprentices being trained by a now adult Sora.

History Edit

Past Edit

Most of Drake's past is unknown, he was taken in by Sora and Kairi. Sora started to train him to become a Keyblade Apprentice.

Mark of Mastery Edit

Afrer becoming 19 years old, Drake fought against Hogosha in a Mark of Mastery exam who he managed to defeat him.

Abilities Edit

Drake shown that he is skilled with using a keyblade from his training with Sora from a young age. His keyblade skills are powerful enough to overpower a skilled swordsman much like Lars Halford with some ease.

Dark Powers Edit

Much like Terra and Riku who came before him, Drake has the ability to use dark elemental magic and abilities that includes Dark Alloy and much more.


Magic Edit

Drake shown that he is skilled at using magic, most of his magic spells have been revealed to be of the dark elemental and very destructive.


  • Apocalypse: A high ranking Dark elemental magic spell that have been forbidden to use. Drake revealed that he stolen a scroll that had the origins of this spell. The spell creates magic seals in the air around the caster, which will blast destructive energy beams of dark energy at the caster's foes.

Weapons Edit

Keyblades Edit

Forsaken Blade Edit

Forsaken Blade is the keyblade given to Drake by Sora after he became a keyblade apprentice. It seems to be a balanced weapon for him.

Major Battles Edit

  • Drake Vs. Hogosha = Won


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