Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom
Age Debatable, maybe in his 50's
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type unknown
Birthdate somtime in the 40's
Height 6'4
Weight Unknown, yet very heavy with the iron suit
World of Origin Marvel Empire
Occupation Dictator/Scientist/Supervillain
Alignment Darkness
Family Cynthia Von Doom (Mother, Deceased)
Werner Von Doom (Father, Deceased)

Doctor Doom is the ruler of Latveria within the world of Marvel Empire. His plans seem to involve the cosmic cube and the disposale of some heroes. What his plans for the Organization are remain a mystery.



Once known as Victor von Doom, born to a gypsie family, his mother was killed and his father died shortly after. These events birthed a hatred inside young Victor and he used his knowledge of science and magic to overthrow the Latverian government and become it's leader. After an accident with fellow scientist, Reed Richards, Doom's hatred grew and he aimed it at the world. Going off to create his Iron Suit with a group of monks and become Doctor Doom, one of the worlds greatest supervillains and evil masterminds. He has conquered the world twice known as Emperor Doom.Thanks to efforts from the Avengers, this didnt last but Doom never seems to quit as he still is ruling Latveria with an iron fist and plans to claim the world once again.





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