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Former Self Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Species Nobody
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
World of Origin Unknown
Occupation Monster
Type Elite
Weapon None
Attribute Earth
Family Unknown

The Basilisk was a rogue Nobody that Lexaeus was ordered to take out in Organization Mission: V.



It takes on the form of a gigantic lizard-like creature with the Nobody symbol on its back. It has bronze colored colors and a long black tongue.


Wall CrawlingEdit

It shown the ability to move around on any smooth surface much like walls and ceilings.

Earth ManipulationEdit

It shown the ability to manipulate earth by making spikes of stone erupt out of any surface that it wishes. Every time it uses this ability, its eyes will be shine brightly.



  • This Nobody was originally created by Slasher Chaos' friend, Chicken-Wings.
  • Its name is based off of the mythological creature of the same name.
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Elite Nobodies Basilisk (Nobody)
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