Aqua Vs. Kasumi

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Author Slasher Chaos
Date Published September 26, 2011
Fiction Rated T
Language English
Genre Crossover/Action
Chapters 1
Status Completed

Aqua Vs. Kasumi is a one-shot crossover between Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Dead or Alive.

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Canon CharactersEdit

Kingdom Hearts CharactersEdit

Dead or Alive CharactersEdit

  • Kasumi

Original/Fan-Made CharactersEdit

Kingdom Hearts Fan-Made CharactersEdit


Major FightsEdit

  • Aqua Vs. Kasumi

Canon Character Original/Fan-Made MovesEdit


  • Art of the Typhoon: Kasumi makes a handsign and thrusts her hands out after saying the name of the ninpo to hurl a huge gust of wind at her foes that hurl them away easily.
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